Solutions | Migration & Deployment

Transform to be adaptable

Reduce the complexity of projects and ensure an agile and modern expansion of your business, with a focus on creating cloud processes that are scalable and that promote the alignment of business and technology strategies in an adaptable and well structured manner.

In these cases, BMSIX executes a detailed plan for the development of assets in the cloud, considering both the totality of resources and the implications that each of them has for your company.

Harnessing the Environment

Plan a cloud migration with the least negative impact throughout the process, making the most of native resources and harnessing technological skills to business modernization.

Optimization of Functionalities

Enhance your architecture by refactoring monolithic applications in microservices, bringing high scalability and flexibility with automatic and sustainable growth.

Cost Reduction

Enhance applications and bring significant benefits in relation to maintenance and replacement of resources, which are often costly and out of date.

Process Automation

Automate repetitive processes and, as a consequence, have data available to assist you in monitoring the constant technological developments.

In the Migration & Deployment offer you will find solutions such as:

  • Cloud Activation
    Build the foundation for using the Cloud, prepared to receive workloads
  • Migration
    Make the migration in a structured way and bring workloads with agility and security
  • Setup Cloud
    Provision sets of Cloud resources, specific to each business demand
  • Setup DevOps
    Start or improve the practice of DevOps with a suitable and scalable toolchain