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Structure yourself to evolve continuously

Having a clear vision of the technologies to be adopted, activated or protected should be a priority when it comes to building solid environments, capable of supporting a structured growth in the use of the cloud with full adherence to the corporate governance and compliance models to which companies are subjected.

Through consultative actions, BMSIX promotes a work to understand the business and its real needs, drawing market perspectives with companies, creating plans with technical foundations according to the best practices and designing scenarios that enable sustainable growth in the face of constant market demands and business expansion potential.

Clear Definitions

Have a complete view of the cloud scenario to be adopted, clearly defining costs and impacts and enabling the execution of the plans stipulated for the modernization of the business.

Qualified Guidance

Count on experts to guide your journey and define the best fundamentals for building and activating cloud environments, structuring applications that really meet your demands.

Proper Protection

Create processes that avoid the vulnerability of your projects as much as possible and ensure strict security control of assets in the cloud to prevent data loss and leakage.

Business Exponentialization

Get the most out of the cloud, creating models of consumption, governance and cloud operation through adoption frameworks and concepts defined according to your reality.

Foundation offers you solutions like:

  • Cloud Jump-Start Workshop Understand what it takes to get started
  • Consulting Engagement Demonstrate value to stakeholders through Cloud consulting
  • Strategy Workshop Create a comprehensive Cloud strategy
  • Business Case Workshop Make projects viable with a robust Business Case
  • Cloud Assessment Get analysis with the best of each decision-making solution