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Google Cloud
To respond to the business demands of the market, we work side by side with the Google Cloud team, always seeking to create cutting-edge solutions and a strong specialization in the GCP cloud.

With a focus on innovation and improvement of the user experience, we plan environments and design architectures that best suit each business, guaranteeing security and rapid adoption without risks or impacts and promoting a corporate technological advance capable of driving the digital transformation of companies operating in various sectors.

Affirming our commitment to accelerating business with Google Cloud, we have achieved the level of partnership with Google Cloud Premier Partner, in addition to being recognized as “Partner of the Year 2019” – award granted to partners who stand out to solve major business challenges of topicality – in the category of services for Latin America.

In addition to this title, we are also holders of Google expertise in the “Financial Services” and “Modernize Legacy Applications” categories, which reinforce our expertise to drive business transformation in the financial sector and our ability to create solutions that not only adapt to growing expectations of customers and the rapid evolution of markets, as well as meeting security and compliance needs with Google Cloud solutions.

About Google Cloud
Google Cloud offers secure, open, intelligent and transformative tools to help companies modernize in today’s digital world. The Google team works at all stages of the journey to the cloud, helping you with the solutions you need and defining strategies for each business.

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